About the school

Principal: Tommy Sylvest

HF & VUC Nordsjælland is a self-governing College and Adult Education Centre under the Ministry of Children and Education, offering a wide range of part-time and full-time courses to young students and adult students, of whom the majority (73% in the school year 2014/15) are under 25 years of age.
Throughout the academic year approximately 2600 students attend classes full-time or part-time at HF & VUC Nordsjælland, which has a teaching staff of approximately 160.

Courses at HF & VUC Nordsjælland are taught in four locations in North Zealand, all within an hour’s drive from Copenhagen: Hillerød, Helsingør, Frederikssund and Frederiksværk.

Educational programmes at HF & VUC Nordsjælland include standard secondary education courses: lower secondary education courses, giving access to upper secondary education courses and vocational colleges, and upper secondary education courses, giving access to universities and other institutes of further education.

HF & VUC Nordsjælland also provides secondary remedial education and offers special instruction for dyslectics.

The business section of HF & VUC Nordsjælland provides special courses for employees from private companies and public institutions. These courses are organized in cooperation with the company or institution concerned.

Finally, HF & VUC Nordsjælland takes part in regional and interregional educational projects to develop and promote teaching and teaching methods: one such project involves inter-institutional cooperation (Campus Frederikssund) to promote social mobility by focusing on support systems and increasing the range of educational programmes offered to young people in the region.